Shoddy Battle

Shoddy Battle 7.0

Build your Pokemon team and challenge Pokemon masters around the world!
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Do you remember Pokemon? There are many related products and variants across the game industry. This time we have Shoddy Battle, a little game that lets you become a Pokemon master by building your own Pokemon team and challenging other people around the world.

This application is a simple Java client that connects to a game server of your choice. After a successful login, you will enter the chat room (like an IRC channel), then you may select an active battle from the list and enter that room to just watch it. But the most exciting part is to challenge somebody, or to be challenged. If both players accept the challenge, the battle begins in a new window. Using the right moves and switching the monsters at the right time will be crucial to win the battle.

The game does not have cutting-edge graphics, you will see just a few little bitmaps of the monsters, and you will hear no sound either. But if you like RPG, Pokemons and online gaming, you will know that the most attractive feature is the possibility to challenge and defeat somebody around the world!

Review summary


  • Active community
  • Simple to set up


  • Knowledge of Pokemon strengths needed!
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